Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dressing For Your Body Type

After losing losing 100 pounds, I’ve found that my biggest struggle is no longer deciding what to eat… it’s deciding what to wear. Now that I have a brand new body, I am totally clueless. Before losing all of the weight, my daily wardrobe consisted of baggy pants and hoodies; total hottie, I know. After some careful research, I’ve come up with some great tips to help women of every shape and size find their perfect look. Check it out!

If you’re a slender or petite woman, this means that you have a very proportioned body, and measure at 5’4” or less.

What to Wear: You should wear smaller shapes that aren’t overwhelming to your delicate frame, and focus on pieces that elevate your look. Try pairing a small, bold print with an all-over color for a look that’s chic and classic.

Stock Your Closet With: V-Necks, ½ sleeve blouses, hip-length tops, fitted shirts, hemlines that hit above the knee, low rise pants, empire waist dresses and long fitted silhouettes like maxi dresses.

 Pear Shaped
If you’re a pear shaped woman, you’ve got a smaller bust, waist, and shoulders, but a more curvaceous booty with hips and thighs to match.

What to Wear: With a pear shape, your main goal is to slim out your curvy bottom half, while playing up your top half. To do this, you should balance your looks perfectly with complementing colors, silhouettes, and shapes.

Stock Your Closet With: Highly detailed or colorful tops, boat-neck tees and blouses, horizontally striped shirts, hip-length tops, A-line skirts, empire waist dresses, and boot-cut bottoms with larger pockets.

If you’re a curvy woman, you’ve got a full bust, hips, and curves in all the right places. Typically, curvy women wear a dress size of 14 or larger.

What to Wear: When dressing a curvy frame, you should try to minimize your curves slightly, but never deny that they are there. This slimming look can be achieved with A-line shapes that hug your body closely.

Stock Your Closet With: Open necklines, hip or waist length tops, tailored jackets, draped fabrics, fitted scoop or V-neck tees, boot cut pants, and wrap dresses.

Boy Shaped
If you’re a boy shaped woman, you have narrow hips, a smaller bust, and a curve-free waist, giving you a perfectly straight silhouette. 
What to Wear: To create a more feminine figure, choose outfits that add visual details and adornments to your everyday look.

Stock Your Closet With: Ruffled tops, detailed blouses with nipped waist lines, lower necklines, full sleeves, floating fabrics, tailored jackets, skirts and dresses with a little swing, bottoms with detailing at the waist.

If you’re a busty woman, you know how to turn heads with your more-than-generous bust line.

What to Wear: To downplay your overzealous bust, try pieces that are free of bulk and aren't overly voluminous. Your perfect look is a classic dark colored blouse with a lighter colored bottom.

Stock Your Closet With: Slight V-neck tops, scoop neck blouses, slightly fitted sweaters, flared pants and denim, and A-line tops and dresses that hug the torso. 
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  1. Great post, and very enlightening! :)


  2. Oh, the thing I look forward to the most about losing weight and changing my body is the clothes! I work so hard now to "hide" parts of my body. *sigh*

    1. Ugh, I totally know what you mean. I was stuck in that state of mind for years... But, looking back on pictures when I was much heavier, I realized that trying to "hide" my body in baggy clothes only made me look bigger and sloppier. After lots of research, and countless episodes of What Not To Wear (love that show!!), I've finally come around to dressing my body the way it looks *today,* instead of waiting until I have "the perfect shape." <-- Whatever that means! :)

  3. Do you have any recommendation on what to where when you're big? I am overweight but I need to look good and feel pretty and sexy.

    1. Hi Julienne,

      In my opinion, I think wrap dresses, or dresses that have a built in waist line are universally flattering. They create a cinched waist line and flow away from the body for a nice silhouette. Here's a few super cute and sexy ones:

      If you're not always in the mood to dress up, you can never go wrong with a pair of great fitting trouser jeans and a tailored jacket. Combined, these two pieces make every body type look slim and sleek. Here are a few examples: (the jeans on the end and in the middle are awesome!!)

      These are just a few looks that will work wonders for your shape, but there are so many more. My advice: head to the mall, and just start trying things on. Don't look at price tags, or worry if it's "you" just try on pieces to get a feel for what shapes work on your body. You'll have a great time, and get some great tips along the way! I hope this helps :)

      Best Wishes,


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