Workouts That Work!

Everyone knows that health and fitness is more than just a well-balanced diet; physical activity is just as important. Whether you're trying to enhance the look of your physique to build your self-esteem or to embrace a healthier lifestyle, a solid exercise plan is essential. Here, you'll find a ton of links to workouts that actually work! Forget those programs that promise ridiculous results - that's just, well, ridiculous! If you want long-lasting results, stick with what works :)

Shoulder & Neck Stretch
3-Way Hip Flexor Stretch
Leg & Hamstring Stretches
Best Leg Stretches for Runners

Arms & Back
7-Days to Tone Arms
Strapless Ready Tricep Exercises
10-Minutes to Tank Top Arms
6-Weeks to Sexy Arms
Exercises for Tightening Underarm Skin
Summer Arms Challenge
5 Back Toning Exercises
Best Back Exercises
4 Back Strengthening Exercises

Lower Body & Abs 
Butt Sculpting Workout Plan
Belly, Butt & Thigh Booster
Top 10 Moves for Thinner Thighs 
Belly & Booty Toning Program
Victoria's Secret Model Official Ab Workout
Power Ab Workout
Zumba for Abs
3-Day Military Diet
10-Minute Core Fusion
20-Minute Kettle Ball Workouts
8-Minute Fat Blasting CrossFit Workout Plans
10 Crunch-Free Moves for Killer Abs
Quick & Simple Anywhere Workouts by Lazy Girl Fitness
Trainers Reveal: The Best Ab Exercises of All Time
Awesome Legs in 5 Minutes
Lower Belly Blasters
22 Exercises for a Perfect Butt

Whole Body
21-Day Total Body Makeover 
6-Minute Anywhere Workout
Kettle Ball Calorie Killers
The Metabolism-Boosting Super Workout
At-Home Energy Boosting & Muscle Toning Techniques
12-Minute Madness Workout
4-Week Bridal Body Prep Plan
20 Wedding Dress Workouts
Whole Body Workout
600-Calorie Burning Cardio Plans

Good Morning Yoga Sequence
Post-Work Yoga Sequence
Back Fat Burning Yoga Poses
Yoga for Runners
Home Yoga Workout Routines
Step-by-Step Yoga Techniques for Breathing & Relaxation
Morning Yoga Routine
Bedtime Yoga Routine
Energy Boosting Yoga Moves

Treadmill & Elliptical Plans
Elliptical Enhancing Workouts
6-Week Walking Workout Plan
5 Ways to Simplify Running
Treadmill Interval Training
The Best Way to Exercise on a Treadmill
The Best Treadmill Programs for Weight Loss
Core Toning Elliptical Workouts

Find the Motivation
Lacking the motivation to workout? Yeah, we've all been there. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it's important to learn how to find your motivation! Click here for a list of 100 reasons why you SHOULD workout today! Today is your day to be fit; don't let anything stand in your way :)

Find the Groove!
Without an awesome playlist, my workouts would be dull, lifeless, and probably non-existent! Here are a few links to some incredible workout play lists that are sure to get you moving, shaking, and burning calories!
200 Running Songs
100 Best Workout Songs
Spin to Slim Cardio Playlist
Top 50 Workout Songs of 2012
The Best of the Boy Bands 

Enhance your fitness routine with delicious snacks and meals, found on the My Favorite Recipes page! Also, be sure to follow my Nutrish & Delish board on Pinterest for access to all of my healthy cooking tips and fitness techniques!
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  1. Hello my name is Ladonna I'm trying to lose weight it so hard to lose my weight.I tried everything from pills to going to the gym.I just want to lose weight I just don't no were to start.

  2. Advanced tips to lose inches from your waist

    I spend a lot of time in airports, including 4 hours Sunday in
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    much magazine reading or article writing done as possible.

    Heck, I even wrote this email to you from Gate A18 while waiting for
    my flight and watching the Patriots-Colts game.

    This reminds me of a time about a year ago when I was stuck in the
    Newark Airport, and I was reading a copy of Men's Fitness that
    contained the legendary TT success story of the Kuhn Triplets (you
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    Here's some of the tips we used in our plan to help the 3 brothers
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    NOTE: These advanced tips were only used for 10-14 days. That's the
    maximum time for this advanced plan.

    1) Start your day with water and fiber. I truly believe drinking
    12 cups of water over the course of the day helps you stay alert and
    stops you from feeling too hungry. As for the fiber, you can get it
    from fruit or nuts. Research shows starting your day with fiber
    helps control your blood sugar until the afternoon.

    2) Eat 1 cup of raw vegetables prior to eating your regular lunch
    and dinner. This will help control your appetite.

    3) Eat only almonds, raw vegetables, & fruit between meals.

    4) Don't eat more than 40g of carbohydrates at any meal.

    5) Don't go to bed full. Eat only a small protein snack in the
    evening to control calorie intake.

    6) Drink 6 cups of green tea per day (3 in AM, 3 after lunch)

    Advanced Exercise Tips

    1) Add 10 seconds to each work interval.

    2) Add in some bodyweight circuits (10-20 minutes per day) done in
    the morning or evening.

    If you do your regular TT workout in the morning, then do your
    bodyweight circuits after dinner. Alternatively, do the bodyweight
    circuits first thing in the morning, and then do your regular
    workout at lunch or later in the afternoon or evening.

    3) Add one set to the first superset you do in each workout.

    Use these strict tips for no more than 2 weeks before returning to
    normal exercise guidelines and carbohydrate intake.

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    workout. I didn't bother to take a 'before' photo, but I may still
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